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17. Modernity and tradition in Latin America
17. Modernité et tradition en Amérique latine

Tuesday, 8 August, 14:00-17:00
Mardi 8 août de 14h à 17h

Building A, Auditorium 1

Enrique Tandeter, Argentina


Marcello Carmagnani, Italy

The session on Modernity and tradition in Latin America focuses on the transition between the XVIII and XIX centuries. It is, then, the period in which the new Latin American nations reach their independence and they are constituted as such. The session seeks to account for the renovation that the historiography on the topic has experienced in the last decades, in particular as for the analysis of the representations and political practices that characterise the irruption of modernity in Latin America. At the same time, some of the papers will revise aspects less frequented in recent analyses, as art production, religious tolerance or inter-ethnic relationships after Independence. All the papers will critically address the question of the usefulness of the very opposition of the concepts of «tradition» and "modernity" for the writing of a political, cultural, economic or social history of Latin America.

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