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16. Changing approaches to the Pacific world
16. Nouvelles approches du monde du Pacifique

Thursday, 10 August, 14:00-17:00
Jeudi 10 août de 14h à 17h

Building A, Auditorium 1

Yui Daizaburo, Japan

Stein Tønnesson, Norway
Robert Cribb, Australia

Project Summary
Since the formation in 1989 of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference(APEC), the Asia Pacific region has attracted interest as a new laboratory for regional cooperation. However, many countries in the region were for many years colonies of European nations or the United States or Japan, and fierce wars were fought among those powers over posession of the colonies. Accordingly, the modern history of the "Pacific" region, despite its name, has been anything but peaceful. Moreover, while many countries achieved independence in the aftermath of World War II, a wide gap remains between the North and the South. The region was also embroiled in the U.S.-Soviet Cold War, and "hot wars" followed one upon another in Korea and Indochina.

Reflecting on this tumultuous history, there are probably many people who have trouble recognizing the Asia Pacific region they know in today's earnest promotion of "regional cooperation" among the countries of the Pacific Rim. At the same time that economic interdependence is deepening in the Pacific region with the increase in supranational activity by corporations and banks, there is also a trend toward intensification of racial and cultural friction, expressed in the increased flow of Asian and Pacific migrants across international borders.

In that connection, one goal of this session will be, by analyzing how conflict and cooperation have changed historically in the Pacific region, to provide some guideposts useful in predicting the direction of regional development in the 21st century.

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