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2. The teaching of history: new techniques, textbooks, and the place of history in the curriculum
2. L'enseignement de l'histoire: techniques nouvelles, manuels, place de l'histoire dans l'éducation

Thursday, 10 August, 9:00-12:00
Jeudi 10 Août de 9h à 12h

Building A, Auditorium 3

Magne Angvik, Norway

Bodo von Borries, Germany

In this round table, the only one explicitly dealing with history teaching , we will concentrate on the teaching of controversial history. The reasons for the controversial nature of the subjects may e.g. be ethnical, religious, social, cultural or political. To teach and learn such topics provide a strong intellectual challenge for researchers, teachers and students. In some countries such topics "do not exist" at all in schools or in the public discussion. Perhaps all countries, also open societies with long democratic traditions, have hidden or forbidden topics in their history teaching.

Controversial topics stimulate critical thinking and reflective learning of history. Such topics encourage debate of a wide variety of viewpoints, allow personal interpretation, create emotions, possess close links to issues of identity, and often have strong contemporary and political relevance. To deal with historical controversies in our history teaching is today more important than ever.


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