Satellite Symposiums in Norway

Enquries regarding pre- and post congress symposiums should be addressed directly to the local organisers. Please note that participants have to make their own travel arrangements

Energy Conference

In connection with the 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences in Oslo, Norway, from 6 - 13 August, 2000, we have the pleasure of inviting to a pre-conference in Stavanger.

Oil was first discovered on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 1969. Since then Stavanger has been the oil capital of Norway. Both national and international oil companies and service companies have their offices in Stavanger. On Kårstø north of Stavanger, gas is landed and processed in Europe´s largest gas terminal. The region is also rich in other energy resources. Two of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe are situated in the region. Furthermore, there are plans to build a gas power station and proposals to produce power with windmills. With such an abundant access to energy, Stavanger seems the ideal setting for an energy conference for historians in the year 2000.

The energy conference will last from 3 to 5 August. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum, which opened in May 1999, will host the 2-days conference. On the third day, there will be an excursion by boat through beautiful scenery along Lysefjord to the hydro-electric power station at Lysebotn. Lunch will be served at "Eagles nest" 640 metres above the fjord. The tour proceeds by coach over a mountainous area to Sirdalen where large dams are built in connection with the hydroelectric power plants.

Professor Thomas P. Hughes will be head speaker at the conference.

The topics for the conference are:


Preliminary programme



Payment is to be done after the registration is confirmed. The bank account is 3201.07.03467. Mark the giro form with: Energikonf 7680.003.
Registration fee includes two lunches, one dinner and a tour to the Lysefjord including lunch. Maximum 80 participants at the conference and 50 participants at the tour.

Our partner hotel is Golden Tulip Rainbow Hotel Maritim. Special room prices are NOK 800 for a single room and NOK 950 for a double room. From Friday to Saturday room prices are NOK 550 for a single room and NOK 700 for a double room. Breakfast is included. To make your reservation please call: +47 51 85 05 00; fax: +47 51 85 05 01. The price is guarantied until 1 June 2000.

For further information, take a look at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum's web site

For information and registration contact:
Kristin Øye Gjerde
Norwegian Petroleum Museum
P.O. Box 748
N-4004 Stavanger, Norway
Telephone +47 51939300
Fax +47 51939301,

Cultures of Knowledge. Comparative Perspectives on Literacy and Language
Volda, 14- 16 August
Volda is a small town of approximately 8500 inhabitants, situated on the Western coast of Norway not far from Ålesund. First and foremost Volda is associated with traditions for higher education, dating back to the late 1850's. Today, Volda has a medium-sized college.

The theme of the conference is Cultures of Knowledge. Comparative Perspectives on Literacy and Language. Our intention is to compare this local cultural tradition within an international perspective. Furthermore we intend to examine various approaches to the history of cultural forms before 1850, hereunder the role of common literacy as an agent of change, written culture as a culture of modern common knowledge, and european representations of peasant reading and writing in the Age of Enlightenment.

The conference will employ several speakers to cover the topic from different angles of incidence.

No conference fee. For further information, payments and prices, see homepage:

Coastal cultures of the north
Tromsø, 3 ­5 August
The central theme of the symposium will be the cultural history of the coastal population of Northern Norway. With the ice-free waters and fish-rich seas as the basis for so much of the economy this is a natural focus, but we also want to stress the ethnic diversity and the diversity of adaptations economically, socially and culturally.


The seminars will take place at the university campus in Tromsø, and will be combined with an excursion to the University Museum and to one of the beautiful coastal villages 60 km from the town.

The satellite symposium is arranged by the Department of History and co-sponsored by the Norwegian Historical Data Centre, both parts of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tromsø.

For further information, please contact:
Professor Jens Petter Nielsen
Department of History
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Tromsø
tel +47 77 64 43 54

Associate professor Gunnar Thorvaldsen
Norwegian Historical Data Centre
University of Tromsø
tel +47 77 64 41 79

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