Specialised Themes

1. An assessment of XXth-century historiography: professionalisation, methodologies, writings
Organiser: Rolf Torstendahl, Sweden
Discussant: Beatriz Moreyra de Alba, Argentina
Irmline Veit-Brause, Australia

2. Memory and collective identity: How do societies construct and administer their past?
Organiser: Estevao Chavez de Rezende Martins, Brazil
Discussant: Chantal Kesteloot, Belgium
Henry Rousso, France

3. Scientific discoveries: the transmission and reception of scientific learning
Organiser: Claire Salomon-Bayet, France
Discussant: Marjatta Hietala, Finland

4. The theory and practice of justice: law, norms, deviance
Organiser: Clive Emsley, United Kingdom
René Lévy, France
Xavier Rousseaux, Belgium
Discussant: Gábor Klaniczay, Hungary

5. Muslim societies over the centuries
Organiser: Tsugitaka Sato, Japan
Discussant: Abdel Karim Rafeq, Syria
Ulrich Haarmann, Germany

6. Religion and gender
Organiser: Phyllis Mack, USA
Marian Schwegman, The Netherlands
Discussant: Janet L. Nelson, United Kingdom

7. Christian missions, modernisation, colonisation and decolonasition
Organiser: Andrew Walls, Scotland
Discussant: Young Ick Lew, South-Korea

8. Family structures, demography and population: a comparison of societies in Asia and Europe
Organiser: Carlo Corsini, Italy
Akira Hayami, Japan
Discussant: Franz van Poppel
David Reher, Spain

9. Regions and regionalisation
Organiser: Einar Niemi, Norway
Discussant: Pierangelo Schiera, Italy

10. The social practices of writing and reading from Antiquity to the present
Organiser: Roger Chartier, France
Discussant: Armando Petrucci, Italy

11. Masculinity as practice and representation
Organiser: Karen Hagemann, Germany
Stefan Dudink, The Netherlands
Discussant: John Tosh, United Kingdom
John Horne, Irland

12. Forms of totalitarianism and dictatorship
Organiser: Sigrid Meuschel, Germany
Discussant: Emilio Gentile, Italy

13. Changing boundaries and definitions of work over time and space (included slavery and other forms of unfree labour)
Organiser: Jürgen Kocka, Germany
Discussant: Gro Hagemann, Norway
Eric Vanhaute, Belgium

14. Minority cultures in relation to dominant majorities
Organiser: Shulamit Volkov, Israel
Discussant: Max Engman, Finland

15. Central Europe: unity and diversity
Organiser: Horst Haselsteiner, Austria
Discussant: Dusan Kovac, Slovakia
Andràs Gergely, Hungary
Camil Muresanu, Romania

16. Changing approaches to the Pacific world
Organiser: Daizabaro Yui, Japan
Discussant: Stein Tønnesson, Norway
Robert Cribb, Australia

17. Modernity and tradition in Latin America
Organiser: Enrique Tandeter, Argentina
Discussant: Marcello Carmagnani, Italy

18. New developments in environmental history
Organiser: Franz-Josef Brüggemeier, Germany
Discussant: Verena Winiwarter, Austria

19. Modes of communication from Antiquity to the present
Organiser: Franz Baltzarek, Austria

20. Power, violence and mass death in pre-modern and modern times
Organiser: Joseph Canning, United Kingdom
Hartmut Lehmann, Germany
Jay Winter, United Kingdom
Discussant: Denis Crouzet, France

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