Round Tables

1. The media revolution (multimedia and Internet) and historical research
Organiser: Karsten Fledelius, Denmark

2. The teaching of history: new techniques, textbooks, and the place of history in the curriculum
Organiser: Magne Angvik, Norway
Discussant: Bodo von Borries, Germany

3. Comparative history: methods and models
Organiser: Adriaan Verhulst, Belgium
Discussant: Michel Trebitsch, France

4. Radio and television broadcasts as sources for history
Organiser: Hans Fredrik Dahl, Norway
Discussant: Paddy Scannell, United Kingdom

5. Army and power in the Ancient World
Organiser: Pierre Ducrey, Switzerland

6. Voyages and exploration in the North Atlantic from the Middle Ages to the XVIIth century
Organiser: Anna Agnarsdóttir, Iceland
Discussant: Nicholas Canny, Ireland

7. Encounters and confrontations between European and non-European legal and judicial systems
Organiser: Dirk Heirbaut, Belgia
Discussant: John Wunder, USA

8. Gay and lesbian history
Organiser: Leila J.Rupp, USA
Discussant: John Howard, United Kingdom

9. Family, marriage and property rights
Organiser: David Sabean, USA

10. Nobility in comparative perspective
Organiser: Antoni Maczak, Polen
Discussant: Claudio Donati, Italy

11. Co-operation as an Economic System
Organiser: Ian McPherson, Canada

12. Sport and Gender Through the Centuries: Comparative Approaches
Organizer: Gerdtrud Pfister, Germany
Discussant: Thierry Terret, France

13. Gender, race, xenophobia and nationalism
Organiser: Ida Blom, Norway
Discussant: Catherine Hall, United Kingdom

14. Christianisation of Northern, Eastern and Central Europe Around A.D. 1000
Organisers: Nora Berend, United Kingdom; Sverre Bagge, Norway
Discussant: Tore Nyberg, Denmark

15. The Baltic area in history
Organiser: Hannes Saarinen, Finland
Discussant: Henryk Samsonovicz, Polen

16. China and the world in the XVIIIth century
Organiser: Dai Yi, China
Discussant: Yuan Tsing, USA

17. The history of disease
Organiser: José Luis Peset, Spain
Discussant: Lars-Göran Tedebrand, Sweden

18. The history of suicide
Organiser: Arne Jarrick, Sweden
Discussant: Marie Aasberg, Sweden

19. The opening of archives and the history of communism (1990-2000)
Organiser: Vilém Precan, Czech Republic
Discussant: Nicolas Werth, France

20. Propaganda and the images of power
Organiser: James Leith, Canada
Discussant: June Hargrove, USA

21. The Cold War revisited: a half-century of historical writing
Organisers: Amado Luiz Cervo, Brazil
Discussant: Odd Arne Westad, Norway

22. Tourism and history
Organiser: André Rauch, France

23. Peace treaties and reconciliation
Organiser: Karl Holl, Germany
Discussant: Geir Lundestad, Norway

24. The individual and the notion of private life
Organiser: Eva Österberg, Sweden
Discussant: Youri L. Bessmertny, Russia

25. Historical journals between «generalist» approach and extreme specialisation
Organiser: Kathleen Burk, United Kingdom

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