18.O7 Please note that in the Final Programme, page 76, the time of the second session of the International Commission on Historical Demography is incorrect. It should be 09:00-12:00 and not 14:00 to 17:00.

17.07 Please note that in the Final Programme Brochure, page 43, Round Table 23 has been incorrectly scheduled. The correct date should be Thursday 10 August, and not Tuesday 8 August, as listed in the programme.


Please note that the registration desk will be open throughout the congress (from 08:00 to 18:00). Registration and information facilities are in building B
Revised programme for the session "Byzantium at the Millennium" (International Association for Byzantine Studies) has been posted.
28.06. International Commission for the History of Universities have posted papers for groups 1-5. Introductions for Round Tables 5-10 are now available (please visit the programme page for links)
26.06. Introductions and abstracts for Special Sessions 2 and 3 have been posted.
19.06. Papers for Special Session 1 have been posted
08.06 Programme for the International Economic History Association (IEHA) has been revised. Eight papers for Major Themes 1a and 2a have been posted

May 2000

24.05. A Oslo 2000 campus map is now available

12.05: The work-shop : "The Truth and Reconciliation Papers - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa (TRC)" (Tuesday 8 August 14:00-17:00), has been added to the programme.

April 2000:

26.04. 1500 historians have now registered for the Oslo 2000 congress!
Abstracts and papers will be posted on the Oslo 2000 site from 4 May onwards.
The Final programme brochure will ready for distribution 24 May.

17.04 Please note that revised programmes for Peace History Society as well as the International Commission of Military History has been posted.

10.04 The programme for specialised theme 7: "Christian missions, modernisation, colonisation and decolonasition" has been posted.

03.04 The Online Registration Server is working again, we appologise for any inconvenience caused.

March 2000

28.03 Programme for the conference Coastal Cultures of the North in Tromsø, Norway 3-5 August 2000 has been posted (Oslo 2000 satelite symposium)

We are happy to inform that all grants have been allotted.

27.03 The complete programme for MAJESTAS (Study of Sovereignty) session: "Rulership at the End of the First and the Beginning of the
Third Millenium"
(Organized by Richard A. Jackson, USA) has been posted

The following abstracts has been posted S1, S10, S11, S17

The following session introductions has been posted S1, S10, S11, S17

23.03 Programme for the conference "Cultures of Knowledge - Comparative perspectives on literacy and language" in Volda, Norway 14 - 16 August 2000 has been posted (Oslo 2000 satelite symposium)

17.03 Session introduction for Major Theme 1b (Jerry Bentley) has been posted

16.03 Sessions introductions and abstracts for Special Session 20 has been posted

09.03 Session introduction for Major Theme 3 has been posted (along with two full lenght papers)

08.03 Please note that Prof. Sigrid Meuschel (Germany) has replaced Klaus Dietmar Henke as organizer for Special session 12

February 2000

25.02 Papers for Major Theme 1b are now available (in PDF format)

16.02: The programme for Special Session 3: "Scientific discoveries: the transmission and reception of scientific learning", has been posted.

08.02: Round Table 25 (Historical Journals) has had a change of organiser. Kathleen Burk (U.K) has replaced Michael Grossberg (USA). Panel members will be announced shortly.

January 2000

24.01: An updated version of the programme for the Energy Conference in Stavanger 3-5 August, has been posted (Oslo 2000 satelite symposium)

21.01 The Organising Committee is happy to announce that Prof. Eric Hobsbawm will take part in the Oslo 2000 closing session panel ("Historical Perspectives for the Next Century"), Sunday 13 August

21.01 A link-page with information about Norway and Oslo has been created.

20.01 Deadline for grant applications was December 31. Applicants will be notified by the end of February.

14.01: Please note that Round table 23 (Peace treaties and Reconciliation) has been re-scheduled from Tuesday 8 August to Thursday 10 August (14:00-17:00)

December 1999

17.12 Contact addresses for the Affiliated and Internal Commissions are now availiable.


Please note that all participants, on all sessions, including paper givers, discussants, coordinators and poster session participants, must register for the Congress and pay the registration fee. The registration-form can be printed form the web pages. This information also applies to all participants on the Affiliated- and Internal- organisations' sessions.


A list of contact addresses for sessions on the main programme (Major Themes, Special Themes and Round Tables) is now available.


Special session No. 8 (Family structures, demography and population: a comparison of societies in Asia and Europe) has been revised

The programme for the affiliated Commision for Economic History has been revised


Please note that deadline for submittal of grant applications is December 31

November, 1999


Congress abstracts will be available at our site from February 1, 2000


Please note that all Oslo 2000 sessions have been completed in terms of speakers.


Online registration is now available. Please visit our registration page.
Mailing of our Programme and Registration brochure to all listed in our distribution lists, was completed last week.
An updated list of session contact addresses will be available next week.

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