The Norwegian organizing Committee in Oslo will publish the proceedings before the congress with participants receiving a copy upon their arrival.

A. The proceedings will consist of one volume and will contain:

  1. The general reports present by the reporters in all 23 thematic sessions as well as title of all papers used in the preparation of the report. The text should not exceed 50 000 characters for each half-day session and should be received in Oslo by 1st March 2000 at the latest (paper copy and diskette or e-mail attachment).
  2. Short statements (5000 characters) written by the discussant(s). These texts should be sent to Oslo by 1st March 2000.
  3. For the three major themes and the 20 specialized themes the abstract of each paper will be printed. Because of space constraints authors are requested to send a summary not exceeding 2500 characters. The complete text and summary should be sent directly to organizers and discussant not later than 1 October 1999 enabling them to send their report and comments to Oslo (as specified supra) by 1. March
  4. Presentations of the round-tables by each coordinator. These texts should be limited to 5000 characters and be received in Oslo by 1st May 2000.

B. Practical instructions:

  1. All texts should be submitted on diskettes (compatible with PC or Macintosh) or electronically mail. The software used must be WordPerfect or MS-Word in all cases, a printed copy must also be forwarded. Any graphic images should use the standard format.
  2. Individual papers will not be published in proceedings. However the Norwegian Organizing Committe will make the papers available at their Web-site, provided the international authors give their consent, and the Norwegian Organising Committee receives a copy of the text on diskette or e-mail attachment as soon as possible after 1 October 1999.
  3. The size of these individual papers should be kept within sensible limits: i.e. no more than 30000-35000 characters.
The editor, to whom all inquires regarding the proceedings should be adressed is:

Professor, Mrs Sølvi Sogner - Department of history - University of Oslo - PO Box 1008 BLINDERN - N-0315 OSLO - NORWAY

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