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15. The Baltic area in history
15. Le monde de la Baltique dans l'histoire

Wednesday, 9 August, 14:00-17:00
Mercredi 9 août de 14h à 17h

Building D, Auditorium 5

Hannes Saarinen, Finland

Henryk Samsonovicz, Poland

In the last decade the Baltic Area has undergone a number of significant changes. Contacts have been re-established and new broader approaches to historical questions have developed. This, in turn, has affected the memory and consciousness of the past. Recently, in the past centuries, research on the diverse connections between the countries in the Baltic Area has increased and produced some very stimulating results.

The aim of this round table is to discuss various aspects of mutual phenomena, for which each country has found different solutions in different periods. The time frame will embrace mainly modern history, while the field of interest focuses on a spectrum of cultural, political and economic questions.


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