At the threshold of a new millennium

Dear friends and colleagues:

In the name of the Norwegian Organising Committee, whose members are drawn from all major academic institutions of Norway, I extend a warm welcome to all who want to attend the 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, which is going to take place in Oslo in August 2000.

We consider it both a great pleasure and an honour to organise the last congress of the 20th century and the first of the 21st. We hope that as many historical scholars and students as possible will seize this opportunity to gather in the capital of Norway, summoning the historical research of the latest years and defining challenges for the future of our common occupation and academic fascination, the field of history.

We feel privileged and proud to do so, inspired by the fact that Oslo celebrates its 1000th anniversary that very year. Thus, we will most probably be able to offer you not only the academic thrill of scholarly exchange and the joy of meeting fellow historians within all fields, but also an extensive program of cultural and historical events.

It is our hope and sincere conviction that this unique opportunity for historical discourse and cultural experience will provide a good context for summing up the state of the art of our science and provide a pleasant point of departure for our activity in the century to come.

With best wishes,

Even Lange
President of the Norwegian Organizing Committee

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